Kingdom Builders: Charitable Planning Strategies

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To help ensure the Rock Church continues to impact lives for years to come, we are launching new giving tools and opportunities. Our charitable planning expert will show you how the government has made provisions for you to take money that is already earmarked for tax and redirect it to the charities you love… like Rock Church. You will learn that through planning your gifts, you can create a better outcome for yourself, your loved ones, and Rock Church, just by taking the time to carefully plan your giving in advance.

This program can also help you explore your financial options for lowering taxation, provide for a successful retirement, leave a significant inheritance to your loved ones, while impacting the world for Christ through the ministry of Rock Church.

Even if you think your cash flow won’t allow, you can leave a significant gift to the Rock Church, either today or at the end of your life.  This initiative will help you explore how to use various types of assets to maximize income, minimize both tax and market risk, avoid depleting your income, and also leave meaningful gifts to your children and to the church you trust.

Call today to set up a time to discuss how you can benefit from this program, capitalizing on the United States very own tax code.


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Through Kingdom Builders: Charitable Planning Strategies you will discover ways to expand the Rock Church’s vision of establishing Global Pervasive Hope, to every street and every person.


  1. Have you considered creative ways to give that involve your estate plan?

  2. Did you know you could consolidate all your regular donations for the next 5 years and take the entire tax deduction this year?

  3. If you own real estate, you probably know you will have to pay nearly 25% tax when selling the property. Would you like to hear about how you can avoid that 25% tax by committing to a 10% gift at the end of your lifetime?

  4. Did you know that you can give your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) directly to Rock Church, avoid the income tax, and get a tax deduction for the gift?

  5. Are you aware that key financial tools (ie. 401(k), IRA, Life Insurance, etc.) are critical to your safeguarding your future? And they can be excellent tools to use in your charitable giving too?

  6. Would you like to learn how to pass on your philanthropic passion to your children and grandchildren?

If any of these topics are of interest to you, or you have further questions, please contact Chuck Leslie at or 619.764.5269.  Chuck will be happy to work with you to reach your goals.


For an overview on charitable planning, take a minute to watch the presentation below.

A planned gift to Rock Church supports the mission to “SAVE, EQUIP, SEND” that has been our heart and soul since day one of Rock Church. Our vision is to establish Global Pervasive Hope; every street and every person. This means we are raising up an army of ‘hope bearers’ who have been Saved and Equipped and Sent! Our desire is to see people LIVING the Gospel and sharing the Good News of Jesus rather than being confined to the walls of a building or classroom. Jesus wants us to follow Him and become fishers of men (Matthew 4:19).

There are some unique and specialized ways you can help.  We are proven financial stewards and are committed to making sure your investment will have a lasting impact. Be a Kingdom Builder and spread the hope we have in Him to a dark and desperate world.


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