Helping Charities build Successful Planned Giving Programs

Philanthropy International provides the integration of education and resources necessary to build, service, and maintain successful planned giving programs for the purpose of producing new, long-term revenue.

GrowCharity partners with Philanthropy International by producing professional DVDs and marketing materials that deliver a compelling, consistent, and conservative message to donors and the community at large.

GrowCharity also provides planned giving websites for each Partner Charity with Philanthropy International.

Philanthropy International educates charity friends and donors on how taking the time to plan a gift will help them build a lasting legacy of significance. They will discover that charity and tax are two sides of the same coin and that by taking the time to plan a gift, donors are able to redirect social capital to their favorite charity. Many times, this process will provide an increase in net worth or spendable income as well as provide a significant inheritance to those they love.

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