Welcome to GrowCharity.

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”
—Albert Einstein


GrowCharity, as a mission statement, helps people understand the social opportunity…to capture the dollars that would have been tax and redirect them to their favorite charity.

GrowCharity is an entity which produces materials to help charities communicate the opportunity to turn dollars that would have otherwise been tax into charitable gifts. Partnering with Philanthropy International, they help charities tell their planned giving story more effectively, stories that are designed to connect at the consumer level.

GrowCharity presents the concept that it is a good idea to -- in fact -- grow charity. There are many duties in America that function better coming from a charity such as feeding the hungry or housing the homeless. Government can’t do all that is needed. This is why there is a whole fundamental set of ideas in society that we as a people share in order to care for the concerns that we all have. And we recognize that not one of us would be able to provide it alone. So GrowCharity is really a declaration that's saying let’s grow charity.

It’s good for our country. It’s good for all of us. 

Charities provide us service that government cannot do efficiently and so GrowCharity is a conversation with the public. GrowCharity is a conversation with the individual about the opportunity, maybe in some cases the obligation, to share in the commitment to make America a better place to be and to use our resources effectively. We pay tax for the same reason that we have stop signs telling us to stop in smart places -- because we need to be told.  We need to be required to participate at times. But in fact, most people get a lot more satisfaction out of voluntarily planning it than being “told” to “give.” Being “told to give” is tax, “planning to give” is charity.